Why blog now?

When I was in college, I took a class taught by a Professor Flower called “Science, Technology, and Values.” From what I remember, Professor Flower asserted that doing science was often a political act and always a social one. His initial lecture was simple: if one discovers a new bit of information by engaging in experiments in the basement, but then chooses not to share it with the world, then it isn’t science at all. According to Professor Flower, knowledge does not become science until it has gone through the process of peer review and has been accepted by the scientific community. The discovery has no meaning unless it is shared.

My interpretation, if a tree falls on a bear shitting in the woods, does the pope hear it? The answer is no. 🙂

So, that’s why I am choosing to blog now. Let me explain. I have been working diligently for years in my metaphorical basement. With the exception of my published games, I have made no effort to share the work with the world. If no one ever knows of my projects, and theories, then they ostensibly don’t exist. With no form of peer review, it can be difficult to separate the trees from the bear shit.

Some of what I’m going to be writing about here are the designs and thoughts that I have been mulling on for decades. Many I simply find amusing. Some, at one time or another, I thought might be made manifest.  In reality, though, my work keeps me too busy. I have accepted that many or most of these ideas may never come to fruition through me. So maybe they can serve to inspire some of you, or perhaps by opening up these musings to public scrutiny my own thinking can be better honed.

if a tree falls on a bear shitting in the forest.....nomic studios, games, gaming

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