We are just now beginning to realize the true power of play.

Why Nomic?

When it came time to chose a name for my new studio, I wanted something that carried within its meaning the values with which I approach design problems. I chose Nomic as our moniker because it has to do with a very specific type of…what else? A game.

Let me explain.

The term Nomic refers to a game invented by philosopher Peter Suber  in which changing the rules of the game is part of gameplay: peter suber classification of games nomic  video game design

“The primary activity of Nomic is proposing changes in the rules, debating the wisdom of changing them in that way, voting on the changes, deciding what can and cannot be done afterwards, and doing it. Even this core of the game, of course, can be changed.”

Nomic games are games about creating games. Nomic games are adaptive and disruptive by nature. The disruptive notion that the activity of gaming can be utilized for something beyond entertainment produces a whole new genre of games. The idea of a game being a waste of idle time gives way. In it’s place, we begin to understand gaming as one of our most effective teaching and motivational tools. We are just now coming to realize the true power of play.

Nomic Studios adapts to the rapidly changing environment for game play. The rules defining what a game is, and what a game does, are changing before our eyes. Perhaps it is also time to give serious consideration to changing the process by which we make and design them

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