Building Products That Go Viral, Part II

The second of four posts that comprise a speech I gave at Yeti Zen on March 23. To read the first installment, click here.

Virality Design Nomic 9 viral game design

Virality Design Nomic 10 game design viral

Virality Design Nomic 11 viral game design

Ok. K factor is interesting. But it is a symptom. K factor can tell you if you have succeeded in building a viral product, but it doesn’t tell you what you need to do in order to do that.  Before you launch, talking about your K factor is useless. Instead, before you launch, talk about how you design that product that will have a K factor greater then 1, aka a product that will go viral.

Virality Design Nomic 12  viral game design Yee Lee Viral App Objectives

Lee’s 4 viral app objectives provide a great starting point for thinking about virality. I want to rephrase and fine tune them some to reflect the contemporary games environment. First, let me add a fifth element:

Virality Design Nomic 13 viral game design

Now that we understand how games such as Farmville work their way into the daily rituals of casual users, how do we maintain these relationships for the long haul? More to the point, as games lose their initial appeal, how do we reignite interest, creating reliable dependence from the casual user?

So  K factor gives us a measure for virality.

In order to increase your K Factor:

1. Increase your carriers

2. Be highly social

3. Be highly contagious

4. Keep the carriers infected

5. Reinfect your  “recovered” carriers.

Not clear enough yet? Don’t worry. I’ll review and expand on these in the next post.

One thought on “Building Products That Go Viral, Part II

  1. Great posts on the virility of the gaming industry. I will need a game real soon as part of a social programme I am developing. I will keep you posted. Glad we are connected. Cheers

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