User Experience: The Platform Makes a Difference

game design ui/ux user experience windowsill

As users, we all know intuitively that we have different experiences on different devices but I recently had an experience that showed this to me more clearly then I had ever encountered it before.

As part of an ongoing experiment I have been doing around UI as a place for user exploration, Daniel Burwen, suggested I look at Windosill, a great little game from Vector Park.

First of all, they give no instruction at all as to what you are to do. You simply have to explore and figure it out.

I encountered it on the iPad and had one experience.  Here, go to the app store and try out Windosill on the IPad.

Then I recommended that a colleague try it out. I did not know that there was a web version, which is what they found. Try it here.

When we circled up again, I started talking about Windosill, trying to apply what I had experienced to the project we were working on. Quickly, we ran into disagreements. When my colleague said, “When I clicked…” we figured out there were two versions.

So then I went and played the web version which felt very different.

What each of us specifically felt is not as important as the visceral understanding of the experience. Get yourself a copy on the iPad and go back and forth between  platforms.

While it is an identical product, for us the experience was profoundly different.

What do you think?

For more thoughts on UI/UX, check out:

UI vs UX: what’s the difference?” Dain Miller

What is UI/UX?” Tyson.js 

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